By Soerfm, via Wikimedia Commons
By Soerfm, via Wikimedia Commons

Jesus dies on the cross

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In His final moments, Jesus forgives the people who condemned Him to His human death. He forgives the soldiers who had crucified him. Jesus says a final prayer for His mother and friends.

When we encounter times of hardship and weakness, let’s remind ourselves that Jesus endured so much more to save humanity. He sacrificed himself and died for our sins so that we could go to heaven. Throughout this ordeal, Jesus knew that this was all according to His Father’s plan: save and redeem humanity, past and present, by dying for their sins.

We are reminded that Jesus died for everyone. He died for the sins of those who came before Him and for those who came later. Not only that, He forgave His enemies. How willing are we to forgive, let alone die on a cross and suffer for those who have wronged us?

Jesus’ Passion truly shows God’s infinite love for us: A Father who loved us that he gave us His only Son (John 3:16), who died on a cross to redeem humanity so that they can live eternally.


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