Scipione Pulzone, via Wikimedia Commons
Scipione Pulzone, via Wikimedia Commons

Jesus is taken down from the cross

Youth Speak News

Have you ever heard the death cry? It is different from the typical cry of a broken heart or a weep in despair. The death cry is a sudden wail. It is a jerky lamentation with a gaping mouth gasping for air between sobs that struggle to squeeze out the sorrow; the sorrow of a separated loved one.

This is the cry of the mother who embraces her dead son. This is a haunting dichotomy; an image of love together with despair. This is a mother whose love transcends death. But how are the onlookers to respond? What about St. John, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene and the others, so helplessly watching in sadness?

If you’ve ever heard the death cry, watched the depth of sorrow, you feel the pain resonate. Only, it takes a new form. Pity. For it is in pity that we too share the connected meanings of death and love. It is pity that distinguishes the death cry, that intensifies the cries, that paints a lasting image of a person who falls to their knees and weeps at the news of a death of a loved one.

It is this pity, this death cry, this mother’s endless love that paints the 13th Station of the Cross.


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