Youth Speak News

In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis is calling us to remember our mission to be stewards of creation. Although I hear this phrase every so often in my Catholic circles, I often wonder what it really means. How do we care for our Earth? I really believe that it also has to do with being stewards for each other. Pope Francis’ message to Catholics and “people of goodwill” is to not just save the planet.

This next generation of young people have been called to guard and secure a future for the world where previous generations have neglected to do so. Be it through our efforts to provide clean water for children in Africa or our efforts to promote safer ways to live a lifestyle that is beneficial to both the planet and ourselves.

The one message I have really picked up on from the encyclical and from the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation is that in caring for our fellow man, we care for our common home.

Does this mean that only young people can care for the Earth? Of course not. But if we are to be leaders in the future, we need to be the ones to put into action now. Pope Francis’ call to “people of goodwill” is to invite people to come to Christ asking His help to not only restore our fallen state of grace, by means of salvation, but to care for those who need it the most. Our call as young people is for us to safeguard all of God’s creations.


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